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    Deliberate Killing


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    Deliberate Killing Empty Deliberate Killing

    Post by Kewtykat on Mon Jan 13, 2014 6:18 am

    Hey there Smile

    I would like to report a guy for deliberate killing on the Mineplex server, the mini game "The Bridges". I was simply mining away nice and quietly when this guy (zaar1234) deliberately mined a path so water could reach me, and on the Mineplex server, water gives damage. I managed to get away from the water in time (before it killed me Mad) Then he continued to follow me and then, when I finally found some diamonds, specifically said to the chat "These are my diamond, please leave them" and everyone BUT him left them alone (thanks to everyone else <3) He then took the diamonds, and, EVEN BETTER(!!!!!) decided to pour more water on me so i died, losing ALL of my stuff and making me RAGE QUIT Sad.

    Please, if you can ban him, I plead for you to, because he has done this to others on "The Bridges" game.

    Thanks a BUNCH

    -Kewty <3

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