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    2 Potential threats


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    2 Potential threats Empty 2 Potential threats

    Post by Spl1tz on Sun Oct 13, 2013 1:03 pm

    Greetings all,

    I do not use this plugin to manage my bans but i'm posting this as a warning to you all and I'm posting this to every Minecraft related website i can find so these guys can be IP BANNED in most servers.
    I run an All-in-one server with multiple worlds, now recently i didn't have time to manage the server and the people who i can trust to be admin/mod don't have Administration skills, so i was left defenseless at the time Bukkit released a craftbukkit build with a terrible exploit which can be used to log into the server as an OP.  This hack happened to my server recently and the people who were using it ruined everything.  The people in question were also long-term players on the server, kind of in the trust zone... i guess they waiting a long time till they could find a weakness in my server to grief it.

    The griefers are: Blasterboomer, Sp0dex and Goombahasaids.

    Some proof:
    Picture 1:
    2 Potential threats DvrrWXI

    Picture 2:
    2 Potential threats LuwtWmd

    n0tiz is my Dedicated server hoster, he's a good rl friend and owns a Minecraft account, he is also Admin but doesn't know anything about Minecraft server administration so whatever you see on those pics is NOT HIM, it's goombahasaids who is logging in as n0tiz and then unbanning, opping himself.  The reason he was banned in the first place was because he griefed a lot in the past and was a drama-queen, so there's that.  The other names i posted are his alts or friends who i found opped in the OP config file.

    These guys have haunted my server for too long, so its time for me to take action.

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