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    Post by BlueRibbonBunny on Sat Jun 13, 2015 1:06 am

    I was playing a on a public creative server on Desired Craft with a close friend of mine when another gamer (KJKlee2013) teleported to my plot and started snooping aroundin the personal areas of my plot. I do not appreciate people invading my privacy so i quickly denied her and left it at that. Whenn i began building something she messaged me saying "Why did you do that i wasn't even doing anything" i quickly replied with "You were exploring the private areas of my plot." She then started raging to my friend who she claimed to be her friend as well. So i ignored her and continued on with my business. Later my friend messages me saying that shes yelling at him to pick between me and her. I start to get nervous and i just tell him to ignore her. Then she brings in her boyfriend and he starts walking around my plot, i deny him from it and he starts calling me "Bitch" "Nigga" "Asshole" "Slut" just because i wouldn't pay attention to his girlfriend. I tell him that they both went snooping around on my plot. Then they start bringing in all their friend who go roaming around freely around my plot, all of them. At least 5 different people throwing potions and bottles of enchanting and snowballs at the building i was in and KJ's boyfriend starts typing in public chat bad things about me (His gamer tag: xXToxicz_Rul3zxX) I finally could not take all the pressure and i leave for at least two minutes to come back to nothing, everyone had left. They were just there to make fun of me and never once ask "Hey why did you deny me?" nicely becaus ei would have told them nicely. That is all but KJKlee continues to mess around with me on purpose.

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