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    Reporting Samrend


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    Reporting Samrend Empty Reporting Samrend

    Post by WayneMaat on Fri Jun 13, 2014 11:01 am

    Player Samrend TP to WayneMaat without TPA exceptions on DanCraft.

    Samrend is Obsidion and WayneMaat accepted a TP to a MEMBER. Samrend switched teleports with MEMBER and TP to WayneMaat instead of MEMBER TP. Once Samrend illegally TP into the faction, the following occurred:

    - Griefing (TP without permission - HACK)

    - Deliberately destroyed main faction house

    - Removed blocks from structure

    - Placed a sign saying "Razer was here - Samrend"

    - stole ALL resources and blocks

    This is the second time Samrend has deliberately destroyed WayneMaat faction house. Samrend appears to be a minecraft "bully", illegally TP into factions where NOT invited with a goal to wreak havoc and destroy for no reason.

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