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    Violation of Server Rules + Hacking


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    Violation of Server Rules + Hacking Empty Violation of Server Rules + Hacking

    Post by CreatedorMade on Tue Feb 25, 2014 8:42 pm

    I own a server called CreatedorMade's freebuild and we don't allow hacks of any kind. My "friend" has confessed about hacking with Sigma client before I opped him. After multiple attempts to kick and ban (both in-game and from the console), I came to the realization that he could no longer be on until I figured out what was going wrong. Later, I found THIS in my chat log, after I told cjburns2 to get off and STAY OFF.
    18:28:00 <Cjburns2> L@G
    18:27:59 <Cjburns2> you idiot
    18:27:27 <Cjburns2> you diiot
    18:27:19 <Cjburns2> this will crash it
    18:26:57 <Cjburns2> LOL
    18:26:40 <Cjburns2> there we go
    18:26:35 <Moose0502> llol
    18:26:24 <Cjburns2> oh god
    18:26:21 <Moose0502> ?
    18:26:12 <Moose0502> self lit
    18:25:53 <Cjburns2> come on
    18:25:37 <Moose0502> nope
    18:25:33 <Cjburns2> like this wand?
    18:25:19 <Moose0502> kjc told me not to tell
    18:25:18 <Cjburns2> why not?
    18:25:12 <Moose0502> i cant tell
    18:24:57 <Cjburns2> how does it work?
    18:24:50 <Moose0502> wand
    18:24:44 <Cjburns2> how does the stick work?
    18:24:33 <Moose0502> but fun
    18:24:29 <Moose0502> lag
    18:24:29 <Cjburns2> yep like i said
    18:24:20 <Moose0502> k
    18:24:18 <Cjburns2> i hope
    18:24:14 <Cjburns2> it'll work
    18:24:08 <Moose0502> 773
    18:24:03 <Cjburns2> how many blocks?
    18:23:59 <Moose0502> to big
    18:23:49 <Cjburns2> don't spawn that many this time
    18:23:41 <Moose0502> wait
    18:23:33 <Cjburns2> this feels good
    18:23:21 <Cjburns2> no
    18:23:18 <Moose0502> stp
    18:23:04 <Moose0502> oh ok
    18:23:01 <Cjburns2> yep
    18:22:58 <Moose0502> no
    18:22:53 <Cjburns2> here goes nothing
    18:22:11 <Cjburns2> this should be fun *cracks knucles*
    18:22:02 <Moose0502> fixed it a bit
    18:21:47 <Cjburns2> what?
    18:21:45 <Moose0502> not again
    18:21:43 <Moose0502> no
    18:21:07 <> Player GameProfile{id='68da532065d740ebab49368dc376e4eb', name='dinosa2'} (/ disconnected (§4Banned:)
    18:20:56 <Moose0502> wait
    18:20:54 <Moose0502> wair
    18:19:50 <Cjburns2> oh crap
    18:19:41 <Cjburns2> i did and it made it worse
    18:19:34 <Cjburns2> AHHH
    18:19:33 <Moose0502> do /redo
    18:19:26 <Cjburns2> oh crap
    18:19:16 <Moose0502> do //undo
    18:19:06 <Moose0502> ...
    18:18:53 <Cjburns2> who placed tnt?
    18:18:52 <Moose0502> up dated
    18:18:45 <Cjburns2> it looks nice
    18:18:06 <Cjburns2> he's really mad
    18:17:32 <Cjburns2> yea
    18:17:29 <Moose0502> on dino
    18:17:26 <Moose0502> yeah tempban
    18:16:17 <Cjburns2> just not today
    18:16:11 <Cjburns2> dude i'll unban him tomorow
    18:15:58 <Moose0502> meh if it is right it is right
    18:15:56 <Cjburns2> i know
    18:15:50 <Moose0502> all he did was tri=yin to prove me wrong
    18:15:49 <Cjburns2> that isn't nice to do to a friend
    18:15:37 <Cjburns2> dude
    18:15:35 <Moose0502> he didnt help us
    18:15:32 <Cjburns2> why dinosa?
    18:15:32 <Moose0502> he didnt help us
    18:15:21 <Cjburns2> what why?
    18:15:17 <Moose0502> no
    18:15:10 <Cjburns2> i'll reban frokie
    18:15:04 <Cjburns2> yea
    18:15:00 <Cjburns2> but sence they werent op it didn't work
    18:14:58 <Moose0502> frokie21 doesnt deserve it but dino does
    18:14:46 <Moose0502> i know
    18:14:41 <Cjburns2> they where trying to
    18:14:39 <Moose0502> we get banned
    18:14:30 <Moose0502> ban them if they have proof
    18:14:12 <Cjburns2> and he did have proof
    18:14:00 <Cjburns2> i feel so bad for dinosa
    18:13:47 <Cjburns2> yep
    18:13:42 <Cjburns2> jk
    18:13:41 <Moose0502> 2 for not helping rebuild the grief
    18:13:38 <Cjburns2> let's leave dinosa ban
    18:13:26 <Cjburns2> convincing and one of them was op
    18:13:26 <Moose0502> two for griefing
    18:13:17 <Cjburns2> wow 4 people
    18:13:02 <Moose0502> ban list
    18:12:45 <Cjburns2> lets ban two to make it look real
    18:12:39 <Moose0502> meh
    18:12:34 <Cjburns2> wow
    18:12:29 <Cjburns2> i know which one too
    18:12:20 <Moose0502> ban a guy and say it was him
    18:12:03 <Cjburns2> k?
    18:11:56 <CaptainSparkelz> say we found it broken
    18:11:49 <CaptainSparkelz> shhhh
    18:11:45 <CaptainSparkelz> to prove that frokie couldn't build at spawn
    18:11:30 <CaptainSparkelz> i know why dinosa wanted to be deopped
    18:11:21 <Moose0502> we are so doomed
    18:11:19 <CaptainSparkelz> frokie is the only one ban
    18:11:06 <CaptainSparkelz> dude
    18:11:01 <CaptainSparkelz> lol
    18:10:58 <Moose0502> whoops
    18:10:47 <CaptainSparkelz> what?!?!?!
    18:10:45 <Moose0502> the spawn isnt done correctly
    18:10:38 <Moose0502> nope
    18:10:29 <CaptainSparkelz> it's done Very Happy
    18:10:22 <CaptainSparkelz> i know
    18:10:11 <Moose0502> he just wanted to get out of doing it
    18:10:03 <CaptainSparkelz> ok
    18:09:53 <Moose0502> sh
    18:09:41 <CaptainSparkelz> WTF
    18:09:35 <> Player dinosa2 disconnected (§4Banned:)
    18:09:33 <CaptainSparkelz> why did you want that?
    18:09:32 <Dragdairfire> thank you
    18:09:22 <Moose0502> your reasons are invalid
    18:09:17 <CaptainSparkelz> ok ok i will
    18:09:15 <Dragdairfire> I don't care
    18:09:10 <Moose0502> we cant reop you
    He directly violated server rules IN SECRET, did PERMANENT DAMAGE and disobeyed DIRECT ORDERS FROM THE SERVER OWNER. Please ban him.

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