Universal Banning System

Report people and get them banned from any servers that use Uni-Ban

Minecraft Uni-Ban

Welcome to Uni-Ban. We strive to bring security to as many servers as we possibly can by creating a universal ban that will ban know offenders to multiple servers at a time.

We are currently in the development stage and are recruiting officers. You may visit this forum topic from the minecraft forums or visit our forums if you need any help of have any questions you may have.

The following are out current regulations and procedures:

Uni-Ban in-game Rules


1.1 The user has deliberately broken a structure created by another player on the server.

1.2 The user has deliberately dug in a cave where they were not allowed to.

1.2.1 If the server rules specify this. (Must give proof that the user has general access to viewing this rule eg: on the server or server website)

1.3 The user has deliberately created blocks inside of the structure of another member.

1.4 The user has defaced the structure of another member by;

1.4.1 placing/removing blocks from it;

1.4.2 creating signs near it defacing it with their own text eg: this sucks;

1.4.3 Building arrows out of blocks and placing signs far away (to avoid breach of rule 1.4.2) eg: this sucks

2. Stealing

2.1 The user has made an attempt or has succeeded in taking something that doesn't belong to them or;

2.1.1 has been created by them

2.2 Killing someone in order to take their inventory (Must be clearly on server rules)

3. Illegal Mods

3.1 The user uses mods (modifications) that are clearly stated in the server rules, illegal

4. False Reports

4.1 A member of a server reports a player when;

4.1.1 they know that the person has not actually done anything wrong

Reviewing Procedures

1. All accused players under review must be given AT LEAST one (1) full week (7 days) before they can be added to the ban list from the date the final report against them was submitted

2. Evidence should be reviewed in this order of priority when considering the outcome of a case;

2.1 Video evidence;

2.2 Pictures catching the grief 2.3 Pictures of a server map showing the location of the accused at the location of the offence (matched with BigBrother logs)

2.4 Pictures of the offence in progress

2.5 BigBrother logs

2.6 Admin or moderator statements

2.7 Witness statements

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